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Our house is sold!

After a few months renovating the house, getting a new roof and making sure everything is perfect, we put our house on the market. After a very intense weekend showing the property to dozens of visitors, we got an offer from a young couple who I'm sure will take good care and make good use of it.

I won't lie, however, despite the satisfaction and comfort of having found compatible buyers so quickly, I can't help but feel a bit of sadness. We spent 11 wonderful years here, enjoying the warmth of the house, the generosity of our garden and fruits trees and our wonderful neighbours. Most of all, this is the house that saw Ivan grow up for all these years.

I know Yan and Ivan feel the same but we know we are making the right decision. We have been thinking about downsizing for a while now. Our travel project provides us with the opportunity to reduce the daily obligations associated with the amount of stuff we own, our large property in particular.

We now have a couple of months to satisfy a few conditions for the sale, sort our belongings, pack what we want to keep and move it in storage, and sell or give away what we no longer need.