What on earth were we thinking?

The project

We live comfortable lives. We have jobs that we like with a decent pension plan, a nice big house in the suburb with a plentiful vegetable garden, access to entertainment and some luxuries. From a material perspective, life has been good to us. Being the spoiled brats that we are, however, there is still one thing that we crave for: time together.


As we see Ivan grow, we feel that we are loosing precious time. When he was born, we had romantic ideas about parenthood. We said we would always find time for him, show him the world, get him the best childhood one could ever imagine. We tried and we are proud of our successes. But we know we can do better. We crave it. I guess this is also mid-life crisis and we need something to help us deal with it.


So it's a sabbatical for the family. A nice big one, far away. And on our bikes!