Meet The Family

We're a family of three. One dad, one mom, one kid. We are based in Gatineau, on the outskirt of Ottawa. Both Maxime and Yan are civil servants for the federal government, and Ivan, as most kids his age, attends the local school. Maxime was born and raised in French speaking Quebec City while Yan grew up in China. The two met while studying in Toronto and fell in love exchanging sweet words, in English, with their delightful but distinct accents . Ivan was born a few years later.



Cook, bike mechanic, human compass and unsalvable romantic 

Maxime is the dreamer of the family. He can also cook, juggle, fix things, and, now, make web pages! That said, he has been criticized in the past for his nerdiness, his dad jokes and his tendency to overspend.



Adventurer, artist, daredevil and scientist

Ivan has way too many talents for his own good. He is particularly curious and inventive. We'll rely on him to figure out solutions when problems arise. He's also the artist of the family and probably the fastest climber amongst the three of us. He's been known, however, to have a mischievous side so we'll have to watch him!



Teacher, tent master, accountant and self-declared realist

Yan is the pragmatic force of the family. But don't let appearances deceive you: she has a wicked sense of humour. She's also a bit of a book worm and has been known for ignoring the world around her when reading something interesting.